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Industrial scroll drying furnaces

Ideal for drying supped or blind-hole components that can move around without problem for being damaged.

Typically used as an inline process with Burnishing, phosphate and galvanizing plants where the product must be dried with hot air.

Temperatures are around 130 ° Celsius.

These plants range from 200mm to 2000mm diameter and heating may be electric or gas.

Mod. 118/490

490 mm diameter standard scroll furnace with electric heating, this particular example is shown with a linear vibrating system, realized for hardening treatment of nails

Industrial scroll drying furnaces: Mod. 118/490

Mod. 118/630

The furnace is located in one of Germany’s largest fastener manufacturers.

630 mm diameter scroll furnace with a production output of 800kgs per hour.

Heating: gas.

Industrial scroll drying furnaces: Mod. 118/630

Mod. 118/490

Realized for hardening treatment of nails.
Heating by gas.
Scroll: diameter 490 mm.
Working temperature: 450° C.

Industrial scroll drying furnaces: Mod. 118/490
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