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October 198-76 – October 2016: A "WASHING" 40 YEARS LONG

Our force is a team who cares of innovation

The company kept its promise made one year ago. At that time, celebrations on forty years of activity were behind the corner. Now, successfully fulfilled.

Angelo Bergamini catched such an occasion to gather CEOs of companies which collaborate with Caber Impianti in Europe and America during an international eve, started in the modern facility and ended at Villa Taverna, close to Milan.

Many international hosts were present, coming from Germany, Switzerland, Brasil, Spain and Portugal. Angelo e Walter Bergamini introduced them to new developments that the company planned for 2017; a company where washing plants being performed according to customers requests and to the latest design and project technologies.


A big thank to Caber staff, who permitted the company to win more and more reliability on international market.


40 years of activity

Video of 40 years of activity


The Team

The Team


The founder Angelo Bergamini with his wife

The founder Angelo Bergamini with his wife


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